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Medical Students Organisation


The Working Group

The Working Group is aimed at providing support and information for medical students transitioning into the New Zealand workforce. This includes guiding Training Interns (TIs) around job applications, information around working as regional medical officers (RMOs), and advocating for students around such issues.

Who are we?

  • Joy Hu (NZMSA Workforce Officer)

  • Grace Kang (Auckland University TI Rep)

  • Beth Yeung (NZMSA Events Officer)

Our Vision

Our vision for 2022 is around empowering and advocating for Training Interns to ensure they are best equipped for the working environment.

Events in 2022

  • ACE Roadshow: an ACE-led event that introduces various DHB speakers to talk around working for their DHB as PGY1 and PGY2

  • Beyond the Med School Gates: guest RMO speakers from various DHBs providing information on what their job is like and living in their respective regions



  • House Officer Job Applications: an introduction to ACE job application process

  • Guide to Graduation: information booklet on DHBs, MECAs, Unions, Legal Rights

  • So You Want to Be a…: guide on different specialty training programmes in New Zealand



  • Supporting a fair ACE application process that is appropriate and up to date

  • Promoting safe and fair work environment in the face of any pandemic response

  • Involvement of wider government and DHB discussions that are relevant to TIs and RMOs


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