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NZ Medical Students Advocacy


Financial Hardship

NZMSA knows that many of our students struggle to make ends meet during medical school. We want to work with our external partners to address this and ensure that all students can afford to graduate. This mahi includes but is not limited to our ongoing advocacy around changes to the TI grant.



NZMSA is excited to continue to our work in this space, particularly in continuing to push for better educational standards for both students and practitioners when it comes to cultural safety and the LGBTQIA+ &Takatāpui community.


Pride Month

NZMSA continues to center the LGBTQIA+ & Takatāpui community during our annual Pride month. Held in March of 2022 we focused on building connections within the LGBQTIA+ Medical space as well as promoting educational resources to help inform our members and their future practice.


International Student Advocacy

Work being done by NZMSA hoped to help address the difficulties faced by International Students around PGY1 positions and transparency and support from the Universities during their studies in Aotearoa.


Equity Advisory Board

A new initiative being trialed in 2022 to improve the equity voice and accountability on NZMSA. Designed to provide a means for a diverse group of representatives to provide feedback and guidance to ensure that NZMSA’s mahi serves all members of the Medical Student Community.


Te Oranga Partnership

NZMSA is dedicated to our ongoing relationship with Te Oranga and our general responsibilities as Te Tiriti partners. Key aspects of our ongoing activities are focused on Te Ao Māori initiatives including workforce equity, Te Reo proficiency and the importance of Tikanga in medical practice.


Who are we?

  • Divyashri Thakkar (VPA)

  • Ann Anson

  • Te Hirea Doherty

  • Shania Kumar

  • Nicola-Mary Geraghty

  • Y Mukish M Yelanchezian

  • Julian Laking

  • Ocean-Jade Rhind

Our Vision

coming soon ...

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