NZMSA’s Core Issues for 2016

Medical Student Bullying

ACE and Finding Work in NZ

  • The 12 Days of Surgery – Div Panesar

    I began life on the wards an exact twelve days before I graduated and received my degree – and so I decided it would be criminal not to take advantage of this literary opportunity and incorporate a most apt and well-known Christmas carol; although the hospital shouldn’t be anyone’s “true love”…   On the first […]

  • Anti-bullying Campaign Update!

    New progress on the anti-bullying campaign! Through the hard work from a number of members in the NZMSA team and faculty at the University of Otago over the past year, a memorandum has been developed between our two parties. We will keep you update as the systems outlined here come to fruition. Read the full […]

  • Press Release – Joint Statement with ASMS (Association of Salaried Medical Specialists)

    NZMSA PRESS RELEASE We’ve just released a joint statement with ASMS – the decisions we make now will dramatically affect the future of the NZ health system so we hope that the right ones are made! Medical students and senior doctors call for greater investment in medical workforce The organisations representing both medical students and […]

  • Final Thoughts – Meaghan Kelly

    With just over a week until new first year doctors are let loose into world, our current first year house officer gives some final words of wisdom final-thoughts

  • Press Release – GP Shortage Not Cured by New Waikato Medical School

    NZMSA PRESS RELEASE GP shortage not cured by new Waikato Medical School – The New Zealand Medical Students’ Association (NZMSA) warns the proposed Waikato Medical School could have unintended negative consequences. The numbers of medical graduates from the Universities of Otago and Auckland have been increasing, and will continue to increase in the coming years. […]