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  • Meddies Blog – Bullying in the Rural Medical Immersion Programme

    Read a fellow meddie’s blog on their experiences of bullying in the rural medical immersion programme. This is not right ‪#‎makeitstop‬ – #makeitstop – A Rant -

  • Bullying of Medical Students is Widespread and Unacceptable

    NEW NZMSA Press Release 16-8-15 – Bullying of Medical Students is Widespread and Unacceptable - A new survey of over 300 New Zealand medical students has revealed the majority of those surveyed had experienced bullying or sexual harassment in the last year. Such behaviour was most commonly carried out by senior doctors and in some cases happened to […]

  • House Officer Blog – Professionalism

    There’s been a lot in the news about bullying and harassment, so now seems like a good time to talk about Professionalism (capital P). Many of you will have held part time jobs before but unless you took a year off somewhere this may well be your first real 9-5 (or 8-4) job – especially […]

  • NZMSA Wellbeing Tips – August

    NZMSA Wellbeing Tips – August – From Auzita Irani, NZMSA Wellbeing Officer – Wellbeing Guide: http://www.nzmsa.org.nz/resources/student-wellbeing-guide-keeping-your-grass-greener/ Wellbeing Quiz: http://www.mywellbeing.co.nz/mw/how-well-are-you-living-quiz/ Mindfulness training, anger management: http://www.calm.auckland.ac.nz Keeping mentally well: http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/home/ways-to-wellbeing/ – IMPORTANT: Free counselling services are also available at each medical school. AUCKLAND DUNEDIN and CHRISTCHURCH WELLINGTON -

  • MAS Member Event Series 2015

    MAS Member Event Series 2015 A lot of NZMSA students are also MAS Members so get involved with the MAS Member Event Series 2015. MAS has invited three industry experts to each present an idea in 18 minutes to spark conversation, ignite thought and create healthy debate. Will their idea be convincing and can they […]