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  • Call for applications for NZMSA president, vice-presidents, officers, AND conference hosts 2015!

    It’s that time of year again, if you want to get involved in NZMSA in 2015, here is your chance! On Friday the 18th of July applications will close for the positions of president, vice-presidents, and the various officers. If you’re interested in being one of the head-honchos of NZMSA, read The President and Vice-President […]

  • Pre-vocational training curriculum announcement

    To all Trainee Interns, A prevocational training curriculum framework (NZCF) which spans PGY1 and PGY2 will be implemented by the Medical Council in November this year, and we will be the first cohort. Council’s rationale for the curriculum is to streamline education from medical school through to vocational training, and to ensure patient safety. Many […]

  • Changing my coat

    They; don’t ask me who ‘they’ are; say that everyone is a complex, multi-layered individual. I think I’ve started to identify my layers. On the outside is a fifth year medical student. Slightly further in is a hapless and confused medical student. (To be honest, this is probably quite readily visible from the outside.) Somewhere […]

  • SNAFUs

    We’ve all done ‘things’. Cringe worthy things; things that we would rather stow away under the metaphorical bed (of shame) never to be aired in the light of day. Well. I’ve decided it’s time to air a few. These are merely recent examples.  I had intended to write a post full of deep and serious […]

  • Aceing ACE

    Aceing ACE Last year’s job offers (or no job offers) were a shock to some. (The majority of my year group were relatively safe as all domestic students were guaranteed a PGY1 position, even if it wasn’t in their preferred locations.)   None of this blog entry is secret information…if you have direct questions about […]