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  • Last post

    Sometimes when I tell people I’m a doctor they joke about how I must be ‘saving’ so many lives. I can’t say I’ve literally saved a life on the spot- most of the medical issues I assess revolve around improving quality of life- doctors cannot wave a magic wand and cure illness on the spot. […]

  • My small rural town and I – An unexpected love story

    As we head into 5th year exams I know I am meant to be panicking. And I am. It isn’t always overt, but there is a thick oily current of unease running through my life, which occasionally surfaces and declares itself in an unwanted paroxysm of cake-eating.  Or so I assume. At some point I […]

  • More from the country!

    It’s been a long time. I have an entire swag* of partially written blogs sitting on my hard drive, becoming rapidly irrelevant. For this I apologise. *This is the only use of ‘swag’ that is ever tolerable in civilised society. The biggest and most relevant thing that I have done in the recent past was […]

  • 2014 NZMSA Blood Challenge/ Vampire Cup

    THANK YOU to the members of NZMSA who have donated. You have made 339 donations of blood and plasma, that’s 1,017 lives saved. On behalf of recipients across New Zealand, thank you! Every blood donation saves ~three lives. We look forward to seeing how many more lives you can save! Congratulations AUMSA Students who took […]

  • Overwhelmed

    I haven’t written a post in a while because recently work has been overwhelming. For the last three months I’ve been rostered on almost every second weekend. Despite having relievers, due to third quarter being a popular time to take leave and peak cold/flu season, most days the house officers were understaffed. My most disappointing […]