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  • ACE Applications – Reference Information

    If you have any questions regarding how many references you require for your ACE applications or who can be asked to provide a reference, please read the information below:   The policy set by the District Health Boards is that each applicant is required to identify, discuss and agree with 3 of the Senior Medical […]

  • Caring For The Patient – Daphne Cohen

    Caring for the Patient Daphne Cohen, a current PGY1, is a graduate of Otago University (Christchurch) and is currently on a General Medicine run at MidCentral DHB. This is her first instalment for the ‘The First Year Blog’.    “The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient” – Francis […]

  • Health Workforce NZ – How to Plan Your Medical Career!

    Check out this AWESOME document from Health Workforce NZ, on how to plan your medical career. Looks like there is plenty of room in General Practice for jobs, especially in rural sectors. Enjoy! Health Workforce NZ – How to Plan Your Medical Career

  • 5th Year and TIs – Learn about the ACE Process in this simple video

    This video outlines the ACE process and the algorithm through which jobs are allocated for PGY1 positions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twMsNJOCFec

  • Last post

    Sometimes when I tell people I’m a doctor they joke about how I must be ‘saving’ so many lives. I can’t say I’ve literally saved a life on the spot- most of the medical issues I assess revolve around improving quality of life- doctors cannot wave a magic wand and cure illness on the spot. […]