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The overall goal of our work is to improve the health of New Zealanders.

7EFTS Lifetime Limit on access to Student Loans

ACE and Finding Work in NZ

NZMSA’s Core and Wider Health Issues for 2015


  • New Doctors Make Economic Sense

    A new Press Release from NZMSA has been added under the ‘NZMSA Positions Statements’ page. New Doctors Make Economic Sense – A Response to Minister Steven Joyce. Read it HERE. –  

  • 7EFTS Update

    In the next 6 months the first medical students will be affected by the 7EFTS cap, and they will have to cough up $15,000 for fees up front before beginning their 5th or 6th year of study. We believe this is nothing short of discrimination and is completely counterintuitive to solving New Zealand’s medical workforce needs. […]

  • Climate Change Government Consultation Meetings

    For the first time in six years the government is consulting on what New Zealand’s response to climate change should be. As medical students we are an important voice on the health impacts of climate change. There are public meetings in each of the major centers and NZMSA is going to be there. We think this is a […]

  • Medical workforce pipeline update – May 2015

    The Medical Workforce pipeline update is now up! http://healthworkforce.health.govt.nz/medical-workforce-pipeline-update-may-2015

  • NZMSA Policy Team – Apply Now

    Join the Policy Team!   NZMSA is looking for students to join its poverty and health inequalities policy team. NZMSA is committed to tackling the big issues in health and we want our members to be part of this. In particular we want to develop creative ideas on what medical students and doctors can do practically […]