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The overall goal of our work is to improve the health of New Zealanders.

7EFTS Lifetime Limit on access to Student Loans

Medical Student Bullying

ACE and Finding Work in NZ

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  • TIs: Call for NZMA PGY1 Rep!

    Call for nominations: PGY1 rep on the NZMA Doctors-in-Training Council Are you interested in medical policy in New Zealand? Want to witness decision making processes in medical education and vocational training? Keen to advocate for your colleagues and peers? Are you a NZMA member who is PGY1 in 2016? – Then why not run for […]

  • Guide to Graduation – PDF Version Available!

    Guide to Graduation – PDF Version Available! The guide to graduation booklet from Beyond the Medical School gates is now available as a PDF to download! Guide to Graduation (2nd Editon, 2015) -

  • MAS Monthly Advice – November

    MAS monthly advice is back, with two important messages: 1) Learn about Contents Insurance 2) The Release of the MY MAS App! – Read more in the PDF below MAS Monthly Advice – Contents Insurance and MY MAS App Release

  • A Day in the Life of a PGY1 HO

    Daphne Cohen is back with a blog about her usual day! – A Day In The Life of a PGY1 HO  

  • A Statement from the Rural Medicine Immersion Programme, University of Otago

    Rural Medical Immersion Programme’s Stance on Bullying RMIP has taken a stance some years ago that bullying and harassment is not tolerated in the programme. Students are encouraged to report it and we deal with it through the bully’s employer promptly when it is brought to our attention.  We have dealt with some serious episodes of […]