The Pacific Medical Student’s Association

The Pacific Medical Students’ Association (PMSA) brings together medical students from 14 member nations from across the Pacific. Founded in 2016 by a group of Fijian and Australian medical students, PMSA was created with the intention of promoting international collaboration on medical research, health promotion and clinical medicine, and to advocate on a global scale for Pacific Island healthcare. To accomplish this, PMSA will provide activities that will enable all students in this region to access medical education targeted at areas that are crucial for improving Pacific health in the long-term.
This year PMSAs’ premiere event, the Southern Hemisphere Medical Camp, will bring students together to develop skills that will enable them to actively contribute their medical knowledge in unfamiliar environments with limited resources in the future. This year’s camp will have a strong emphasis on environmental health, natural disasters and emergency medicine, jungle and tropical medicine, and mental health. PMSA’s journal, which is now accepting submissions from medical students across the region, will also be launched and published during this camp.
PMSA has now appointed representatives from each medical school within the Pacific region, who will ensure each university across the region is given a voice, and that we are able to continue to form a collaborative international network of medical students.
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