PRESS RELEASE – NZMSA Supports Dr. Lance O’Sullivan: Vaccines Save Lives

PRESS RELEASE – NZMSA Supports Dr. Lance O’Sullivan: Vaccines Save Lives

The New Zealand Medical Students’ Association (NZMSA) supports Dr. Lance O’Sullivan’s comments that promotion of falsehoods about vaccination results in harm to our children, the most vulnerable members of society. Healthcare providers, such as Dr. O’Sullivan, spend their lives working towards improving and maintaining the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The continued spreading of misinformation surrounding vaccination threatens to damage the work they do to protect New Zealanders against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Since the advent of vaccination, millions of deaths have been prevented globally from infectious diseases. Recognising this, New Zealand invests significantly to offer an extensive free vaccination programme to all New Zealanders via the National Immunisation Schedule. This saves lives, and protects communities from the debilitating effects of many infectious diseases every year. All vaccines offered to New Zealanders have been vigorously tested to a high standard of safety and efficacy, and the evidence for this is unequivocal.

Vaccinations are safe and make us safer. All eligible children should receive them. New Zealanders should seek advice on vaccinations only from reputable healthcare providers. Protect yourself, your whānau and your community.



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