In 2017 Alesha Bossan, a 5th Year Medical student, ran a survey alongside the Wellington Medical Students’ Association exploring the impacts of gender in medicine and the differences in experiences had by medical students.
Here at NZMSA we thought this report raised some great questions and thought many of you may be interested in the topic. Below is the report summarising these findings. We encourage you to take a read of these students responses.
Key findings include:
  • Gender inequality: 59% of students (76% of females, 34% of males and 100% of non-binary respondents) agreed there was gender inequality in medicine, with incidents occurring in ward rounds, tutorials and lectures.
  • Sexist comments/behaviours experienced: 63% of students (84% of females, 32% of males and 100% of non-binary respondents), from doctors, patients and other medical students.
  • Sexist comments/behaviours witnessed: 55% of students (51% of females, 58% of males and 100% of non-binary respondents).
  • Sexual harassment: 21% of students (26% of females, 12% of males and 50% of non-binary respondents).
  • We hope this generates some interesting discussions around how we can better support one another through these experiences and overcome biases.
    Author: Alesha Bosson, 5th Year Medical Student University of Otago, Wellington. For questions around the survey and findings please contact


The survey can be read here!