Euthanasia Resources

In 2016, NZMSA held a focus month around Euthanasia. Since then, debate has been sparked in the medical schools around the country over this polarising topic. We released a number of resources at the time in relation to this and following demand this year we have gone ahead to create this separate page linking to all those posts.

The Hippocratic Oath and Euthanasia

Looking back into ancient times and examining what physicians believed is a good place to start particularly if we are to follow that same oath today.



How does euthanasia work in countries that have legalized it?

There have been a number of countries where euthanasia has occurred and has been legalized to varying degrees. So how does it work there?



What does the hospice think?

Here is the official stance that Hospice New Zealand has on euthanasia.


What do NZ doctors think?

Follow through below to see the research in NZ on Doctors opinions on Euthanasia.



What do we as students think?

Read a few opinion pieces from students around the country as they share their voices.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Unbearable Suffering

There are incredibly profound questions raised by a case from the Netherlands where a Court ruled that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was an “incurable” condition that produced “unbearable suffering” for a 20 year old woman who had suffered sexual abuse and wished to end her life. As a result of the ruling the woman recently ended her life by assisted suicide/dying.


Lecretia Searles

Lecretia was a a NZer with a terminal illness. She fought for her right to have euthanisa. Read her full story below.


Personal Stories Collection

Hear about a few real life accounts of euthanasia.
Part 1 Link:

Part 2 Link:


Specifics – End of Life Choice Bill

Last year a bill was introduced into parliament pertaining to euthanasia.