“Excellence is deliberate, not an accident that we stumble upon. <br> It is about asking of ourselves more than others do.” – Chuck Gallozzi

In 2009 the NZMSA Executive made a commitment to better recognise the achievements of New Zealand medical students.

Nominations for both NZMSA Awards for outstanding work done in the 2011 academic year are NOW OPEN until September 30th 2012

NZMSA Award for Individual Excellence

This award will be presented to a student who makes an outstanding contribution to the medical student body, recognised for:

  • Creative problem solving;
  • Inspiring their peers and others around them; and
  • Their energy and enthusiasm for medicine, education and their community.

Download a full copy of the Terms of Reference for this award, including the rules and regulations, here.

Download a nomination form here and fill in using Adobe Acrobat Reader: NZMSA Awards Nomination – Individual Excellence

Previous Recipients

2010 – Sylvia Ross - University of Otago, Christchurch

Awarded in recognition of her excellent work as the Convenor of Conference 2010, her involvement in Country Scrubs and the Christchurch Surgical Interest Group in 2009, as well as with the MECA Conference in Dunedin

2011 – Sudhvir Singh - University of Auckland

Awarded in of his commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the student body and the local community, and his passion for medical students advocating for social change, through involvement with AUMSA, MSGA, FVP and MAAP.

NZMSA Award for the Best New Student Initiative

In 2009 the NZMSA Executive decided to better recognise medical students’ achievements in developing exciting new projects, ventures, activities and ideas, in and outside the arena of health in New Zealand. The Award for the Best Student Initiative will be given to an individual or group of students who have started the most innovative and successful project for that preceding academic year. It will be open to any student initiative (big or small). It may be started by a previously established club, society, or regional medical students association.

The new initiative will be recognised for originality in:

  • Offering a creative solution to an issue faced by medical students, the New Zealand population (particularly in regards to health), or the medical workforce; or
  • Raising awareness of issues relevant to medical students and the health of the New Zealand population; or
  • Delivering a valuable service to medical students or the community; and
  • Its significant, but not exclusive, medical student involvement and skill development.

Download a full copy of the Terms of Reference for this award, including the rules and regulations, here.

Download a nomination form here and fill in using Adobe Acrobat Reader: NZMSA Nomination – Best New Student Initiative

Previous Recipients

2010 – 11th Edition of the New Zealand Medical Students’ Journal (NZMSJ)

This award was given in recognition of the excellent contributions the NZMSJ has made in furthering and promoting medical student research.

2011 – Trainee Intern Anatomy

An innovative project where Trainee Interns teach clinically relevant anatomy to junior medical students. There are two main aims of the initiative. The first is to reinforce the relevance of anatomy to pre-clinical medical students from a clinical perspective. Trainee Interns are well placed to do this, having both completed the pre-clinical anatomy course and having had extensive clinical contact with a wide range of medical and surgical patients. The second aim is the allow Trainee Interns to develop skills in anatomy and teaching.


Nominations for the 2012 NZMSA President’s Award for Individual Excellence, and for the 2012 NZMSA Award for the Best New Student Initiative for will be open until September 30th 2012. Have an idea for a nomination? It’s simple: read the Terms of Reference for the award, complete the documents required, and then email your completed nomination to secretary@nzmsa.org.nz. Late nominations will not be accepted.